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What is an Ultracompact Blade?

NABEL® | The first line in Chinese ultra-compact blades.

NABEL® ultra-compact surface is the ultimate in synthetic surfaces for dry and wet floors, wall coverings and countertops. Ultra-compact sheets are more resistant to stains and scratches than quartz surfaces, for example. Furthermore, they also have greater resistance to heat and thermal expansion, and can be used in fireplaces and barbecues.

MSG STONES is an importer and distributor of sintered stone NABEL® blades throughout the country, offering a variety of colors, textures (polished or satin) and thicknesses (0.60cm or 1.2cm) to the market.


Various minerals are pressed in one of the most modern presses on the market, generating 44 thousand tons. The pressure and heat melt the minerals and practically eliminate the porosity of the blade, resulting in a water absorption of just 0.022%, while the best porcelain tiles on the market are around 0.05%.  

Technical Sheet | NABEL®


Water Absorption

Resistance and Flexibility

High temperature resistance

Resistance to low temperatures

Stain resistance

Hygienic properties

Hygienic properties

Impact Resistance

Luminous resistance

Quartz, aluminum, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and titanium.

0.022% - EN 14411:2016

Resistant (Class A) | EN 14411:2016 | ISO10545:2014 | 4836.3N/54.N/mm2

No visible effect up to 200 ºC | EN 14411:2016 | ISO 10545-8:2014

No visible effects. | EN 14411:2016 | ISO 10545-13:2016

Resistant (Class 5). | EN 14411:2016 | ISO 10545-14:2015

Excellent (high degree of bacterial removal (99% after cleaning) | CATAS

No fungal growth | ASTM G21

0.88 (no apparent damage)  | EN 14411:2016 | ISO 10545-05:1996

No visible effects (Class 5) | UNI EM 15187


Easy to clean

Contact with food

High temperature resistance

Resistant to Sunlight

Stain resistant


Colors, textures and thicknesses.

Ultracompact options

The sintered stone are available in sizes of 3.20m x 1.60m. The thickness can be 1.20 cm (ideal for countertops) or 0.58 cm (ideal for wall coverings). 

A wide variety of colors and movements are generated through state-of-the-art 3D printing.

The classic polished texture of the ultra-compact blades gives the piece an intense shine.  While the satin texture invites touch and makes the environment more pleasant and natural.


Do you know how to clean your kitchen countertop in ultra-compact? It's very simple, just use a soft cloth or sponge with neutral detergent. Cleaning must occur immediately after use, thus avoiding the appearance of stains or discoloration of the material, in the most serious cases of contact with stronger substances. Keep your kitchen countertop clean after use and rest assured. You are purchasing the most modern and resistant surfaces for countertops and coverings on the market!

- Ultracompact Surface Warranty Letter -

15 years

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